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"DeEtta Jones is simply extraordinary in her ability to touch all hearts and minds, encouraging new thoughts, ideas and action! She inspires introspection, collaboration, patience and activism all at once. The impact of her work is most often life transforming, leaving participants more knowledgable and aware, as well as revitalized to make a difference. It’s very rare when one person’s work can have such profound meaning for a group of people, and DeEtta is that person!"

Barb Kistler, Principal
Diversity Solutions Group, LLC

"DeEtta met with academic and administrative leaders across campus, and the consistent feedback I received was ‘she made you look good.’ She is professional, engaging, forward-thinking and really has her finger on the pulse of the best and most effective practices in universities. She is a masterful facilitator of critical conversations."

Damon E. Jaggars, Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries
The Ohio State University

The Inclusive Manager's Toolkit™

The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit™ is an 8-week online course for anyone in a formal or informal leadership or managerial role who wants to have inclusive and practical tools for maximizing workforce performance.

Management principles are made by humans and for humans. As humans change, so do our businesses, our relationships, and our business practices. The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit is rooted in contemporary best practices based on our real-world experience working with leaders. The course provides a roadmap for distinguishing yourself, building your team, and effectively navigating your knottiest leadership challenges.

The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit will equip you with the skills and confidence to excel in your current and future leadership roles. DeEtta Jones and Associates has helped tens of thousands of leaders across the globe in a wide variety of industries. We would be honored to be part of your leadership journey.

Who is the program for?

The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit™ is for new managers, seasoned managers, senior executives and those who have leadership responsibility but no direct reports can all benefit from this program. People who have benefited from our past courses include:

Human Resources professionals 

Division or Department Heads

C-suite leaders

Training Specialists

Organizational Development Specialists

Team leaders or members


Committee members

New and seasoned managers

Equity, diversity, and inclusion leaders

Project Managers

High-potential employees

The Benefits of Online Learning

This program is 100% virtual. This makes it easy for you to participate in ways that fit your busy schedule.

After years of experience offering leadership and management training, we understand how difficult it can be to spend days or even weeks away from work to invest in professional development. All course materials will be easily accessible from your home or office. Materials include streaming videos, webinars, virtual office hours and chats with course faculty, text documents, case studies, scenarios, and downloadable practical application exercises.


Course Overview

The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit™ includes 8 weeks of core content, plus a comprehensive library of bonus trainings, webinars, and master classes to help you develop the skills to deal with your toughest managerial challenges.

Your Changing Role

Inclusive Skills

Inclusive Language

Your Behavioral Preferences

Privilege, Allyship, and Anti-oppression

Leadership Philosophy

Emotional Intelligence

Cultural Competence

Find and Use Your Voice

Communicating Across Cultures

Power and Influence

Strategic Thinking and Acting

Week 3 will allow space for reflection and application of the material from the first two weeks, along with additional coaching sessions with DJA faculty.






Meaningful Feedback

  • Soliciting Feedback
  • Giving Feedback
  • From Vicious to Virtuous

High Performance Teams

Effective Team Practices

Making Meetings Work

Decision Making

Strategy, Structure, and Organizational Culture

Engagement, Creativity, and Innovation

The Importance of Values

Transforming Workplace Culture

Change that Works

Establishing Vision, Setting Direction

Communicating Through Change

Integration and Sustainability

Positioning for Your Next Steps

Leading in Place

Interviewing and Negotiating

From Your Vision to Reality

Planning to Participate?

Each week of content will be released on the Friday before the week begins. You'll receive weekly email reminders when content becomes available, and leading up to office hours with DJA faculty and live sessions with DeEtta. Each week will contain 5–6 chapters of content, with videos, case studies, and practical application exercises to ensure that you'll immediately be able to use what you learn in your daily work.

We recommend that participants in The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit™ plan to spend 4–6 hours per week on the course. The time will be spent reviewing course content (videos and some reading), participating in live weekly webinars with Faculty, completing the Practical Application assignments, and engaging with other leaders in the learning community. 

We understand that you are busy. Sometimes you won’t be able to attend a live webinar or other scheduled event. Don’t worry. You will have archived copies of all live sessions available for you to access at your convenience.

Our Promise to You

We have poured everything we know about effective leadership and management into this Program. We will give you the tools that we have shared with tens of thousands of other leaders like you over the years, and that they have described as transformative. We will guide you, support you, and encourage you throughout the program. You will, however, have to bring your A game in order to get the most from the Program, and realize your full leadership potential.

Dedicated Faculty

Ask questions and get feedback from our deeply expert faculty. Our faculty are members of the DJA Team and bring rich experience as practicing middle managers and executive leaders from various industries. They are experts in equity, diversity, and inclusion as well as experts in organizational effectiveness and assessment.

Live Office Hours

Each week, you will have live access to faculty members who will help you apply the Toolkit to your work or think through your toughest challenges. Office hour sessions will be recorded so you can access them at your convenience.

In-Course Discussion

In every module, you will be invited to comment and get responses from our faculty, other course participants, and DeEtta herself.

Active Learning Community

Other students’ questions, along with answers from DeEtta and the faculty, will be collected and shared with all participants. You will benefit from the questions asked by other leaders in situations similar to your own.

About DeEtta

DeEtta Jones is the Founder and Principal of DeEtta Jones and Associates, a consulting firm that provides services to enhance workplace culture and performance. DeEtta has more than 20 years of experience as a management consultant, equity, diversity and inclusion educator, and organization development and training professional. She has helped to design and launch 13 leadership programs, the Multicultural Community Retreat, facilitated countless strategic planning and organizational culture consulting engagements, offered the Library Management Skills Institutes all over the world, and recently launched the Equity Toolkit™ and Implementation Playbook™. She is now one of the most sought-after speakers and consultants in her field.

Before launching DeEtta Jones and Associates in 2005, DeEtta served for 10 years as Director of Diversity and then Director of the Office of Leadership and Management Services at the Association of Research Libraries. Prior to this, she was Director of Multicultural Education at Colorado State University and Director of Human Rights Advocacy and Education for the City of Fort Collins.

DeEtta has an MBA from The Johns Hopkins University, and an M.S.  in Student Affairs and a B.S. in Psychology from Colorado State University. She also attended the MLIS Program at The Catholic University of America.

"The was one of the, if not the absolute, most focused management trainings I have ever attended. It was well-paced, gave time for thoughtful and strategic reflection and conversation among our peers. I walked away with a lot of new practical tools and approaches."

"The session was fun and instructors are very knowledgable. As well as well-designed materials, I learned a lot from case studies and interactive discussion with colleagues. Thank you!"

"DeEtta's depth of knowledge and experience was only eclipsed by her energy and joy in presenting and teaching the material. I learned more concepts and tools than in a semester of school."

"I have been thinking of moving up, and reading a lot of what it means to be in upper management. I believe this training confirmed I was on the right path, but also gave me some tools that I can use immediately."

"I have a MUCH better appreciation for the complexities of leadership."

"This training was excellent and one of the best that I have attended. I learned so much about management, leadership, and most of all myself. The presenters are so knowledgeable, obviously experienced, and very kind."

"DeEtta, thank you—you were amazing and taught us so much."

"Thank you, DeEtta! I am so grateful to have the time to reflect about these topics and your thoughtful comments really make the experience excellent."

"Especially when discussions get deep and sometimes tricky, DeEtta is terrific—a national treasure in my view."

"I have been through several leadership trainings, but DeEtta's definitely stands out as more practical and to the point. It is better rooted in science of leadership and full of well-thought-out examples. The content is also delivered in a very engaging manner: I was paying attention to every minute of the session."

"DeEtta is one of the most engaging facilitators I have ever encountered. She not only presented all of the information in an organized, thorough manner, but she also kept my attention. Her knowledge of the material is clear, and I learned so much from her."

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